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The HVAC industry generated close to $33 billion in sales in 2017, the sixth year in a row that sales have grown. As a result of this growth, the HVAC industry is flourishing and existing HVAC companies are thriving, even after years of suffering from a lack of competition and low employment rates. In the latest statistics, nine of the ten largest HVAC companies in America employed more people than the combined headcounts of the automotive, automotive parts, and information technology (IT) industries that they provide services to. The International Federation of the HVAC Industry estimates the HVAC industry’s gross value added in 2017 at $33 billion, which is an impressive 22 percent increase from the 2016 total value added of $32 billion.

Using a website optimized for HVAC SEO can also work to capture HVAC leads during slow seasons. Traditional HVAC marketing ideas, such as advertising through direct mail, newspapers, radio, TV, and billboards, tend to take a backseat role in most HVAC marketing strategies today. Mastering HVAC SEO requires taking the right steps to ensure your HVAC company’s name or website appears at the top of organic search results on Google and other search engines. When customers need HVAC service or repair today, few check the phone book or ask a neighbor for recommendations. They go online to search for trusted nearby HVAC companies like  with awesome online reviews like United Plumbing Heating Air & Electric services.

What are SEO Backlinks? SEO is a site quality management technique that helps marketers better determine, rank, and promote a website. When you are looking for a new job, HVAC services, local business listing sites, or government site names to name a few, you want to have a website that will be on top of the search engine results page so that prospective customers can find you. You want to optimize your website to be a good page on the web that will be used over and over again. That doesn’t necessarily mean optimizing your website to get as many links as possible, although we’ll get to that. But there are some things you can do to improve your website’s ranking on search engines so it shows up at the top of the results when people search. Google “site:hvac.com” and see how many links you get. This tool will show you how many inbound links you have to give to your website, which page is most popular among search engines, and more. Are you finding links that are real, positive, and that improve your website? This is often referred to as website “SEO juice.” How do you get this SEO juice?

The Webmaster Tools tool in Google provides advanced tools that you can use to learn more about how search engines can be helpful and how you can improve the quality of your website for a positive Google search result. The SEO Juice tool in Google can help you collect your own data and check out the recent rankings of popular websites. It also lets you understand how search engine results can help you improve your own website. Keep in mind that on Google there are separate pages for regular, premium, and other search results. While you will sometimes see the “other” results page on your site, you should also be careful to be competitive on these page so that they don’t take all the attention. Do you know which keywords to target? This is also where SEO juice comes in handy. It will show you keywords you can compete for in search results.

ou want to make sure you are targeting keywords that your potential customers are likely to use when they are searching for your company’s name or website. In some cases your marketing efforts might be even better if you make these keywords an integral part of your website. It will then help your new customers see you as the preferred place to contact you when there is an issue. SEO experts are telling us that the best people to ask for help in growing a site’s reputation are those who are already using it. You might want to ask your existing customers who your most loyal customers are. Create a great product that the customer is interested in. The better the product, the better their chances are of recommending you to others.

If only 5 percent of all HVAC service providers invested in their websites, it would mean $3 billion of total online sales. That means $33 billion for today’s top ten HVAC companies would go a long way towards supporting the tremendous opportunities for growth in the industry. Are you ready to start marketing your HVAC company online? If you haven’t already, be sure to:

• Master HVAC SEO: Use the right keywords to tell Google what your HVAC services do.

• Get paid for every HVAC business bookings through a sponsored program from HVAC Careers.

• Get your marketing done from mobile: create a Google AdWords campaign that shows up alongside your company name, not just your company website.

• Sign up for the latest BigDoor mobile app, which helps you understand your customers’ questions and concerns, from setting appointments to calling in maintenance requests.

• As a local consumer, know your local HVAC services provider’s price for HVAC services. This will make it easier to compare their prices.

• Research the Local Jobs Board in your region and be sure to target “HVAC repair” opportunities.

• Create an infographic, online course, or print-related outreach to drive in new customers.

Mastering HVAC SEO requires taking the right steps to ensure your HVAC company’s name or website appears at the top of organic search results on Google and other search engines.” Here’s another example from the CareerPathways Job Search Guide: When choosing a business name, it is advisable to look into who else is using the same word as yours. This will help you avoid confusion if you were to adopt a similar name in the future. Common corporate logo guidelines have changed over the years, so you can find the new guidelines online or ask your graphic designer. Most of the guidelines suggest using a large, prominent logo that contrasts well with the rest of your website. The style of the logo is crucial, and you should experiment with different approaches to create your own logo.  To see more qualified Hvac leads for sale, visit the HVAC lead generation section of their job board at exclusiveleadsagency.com/hvac-leads.

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